Oct 19 2015

JS get width() and height() of image 0 unexpectedly by using image.height and image.width

While creating a image object:

I thought I can get the height and width of the image like this:

In Chrome and IE11 on some computers, the code works as expected. But in Firefox, the height and width get 0 at the first time.If you refresh the page by pressing F5, It turns to be get the right value. Try testing it by pressing Ctrl+F5.

Firefox often rushes too fast. While image.src = "apple.jpg"; is loading on the way, firefox rushes into var height = image.height;. It’s no relationship with DOM, just about javascript and browser.

It doesn’t matter what the ‘apple.jpg’ is. You can try to use a BASE64 encode src to check out.

To avoid this problem, use image.onload.

You can edit the file ‘test.html’, comment line 12 and line 21 for debugging.

Notice that not only Firefox get this problem, but also Chrome and IE11 do. I tried testing it on my own computer and found it didn’t get the same when I tried testing on the computer of my company.

On my own computer, all of the browser turn to be get 0 without image.onload. Chrome always gets 0 no matter if the page is cached. IE11 gets random result weirdly.

So be sure when you want to get the information of a image, you should use the event image.onload.

For the code, please go to: GitHub


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